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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide patented inventors with a low cost alternative to the more expensive marketing plans currently available.

Having worked in the field for a combined 20 + years, we have seen inventors spend thousands upon thousands of dollars promoting their patents, only to receive nothing back from their sizable expenditures. Marketing a patent is a tough job.United States Patent To be successful one must work hard to find the right combination of investors, partners and manufacturers. We give the inventor the tools they need to successfully promote their patent affordably.

The original patent document issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office is visually bland and about as fun to read as stereo instructions. It cannot realistically be used as an effective marketing tool. We create attractive website presentations of patents that are easy to understand and navigate.

In our presentations we pick out the major selling points of an invention and surround them with full-colored renditions of the patent drawings, prototype pictures and video clips if available. We add a section that includes the inventor's thoughts on his/her patent and provide contact information so they can be reached effortlessly with questions or offers. The result is a visually-stimulating, easy-to-understand interactive display of a patent available instantly to anyone in the world. Inventors can showcase their customized presentation to prospective investors, companies, partners, etc. without breaking their budget.

We charge reasonable fees for creation of the custom presentation and the inventor gets 100% of any money raised. We put the power in the inventor's hands.

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