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Device To Move Heavy Items

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Donald. A. Groskreutz

U.S. Patent:
# 7,077,404

Patent Summary

The present invention aims to provide a new Device To Move Heavy Items that enables a user to easily lift and move heavy or awkwardly shaped objects. To attain this, the present invention generally comprises a substantially flat rectangular body and a handle assembly with two handles perpendicularly attached to an H-shaped handle stand that is perpendicularly attached to the proximal end of the flat rectangular body. A sling is provided on each handle to hold long and awkward items extending from the rectangular body. A wheel positioned at the distal end and center of the flat rectangular body is also provided to facilitate movement of the device.

Further detailed descriptions of the invention can be found in the full text patent document, the detailed drawing figures and the patent objectives.

Prototype Photos

the lugger

Photo 1 - A lateral view of "The Lugger" showing a 15 gallon container used for 5-6 foot pine trees. The container can easily be tilt-turned onto the tilted bed of the lugger. Including a tree, the operator is lifting about 25 pounds.

lifting lugger

Photo 2 - Another lateral view, showing a 20 gallon barrel of water (160 lbs.). Loading can take place in the same manner as in #1. The operator is lifting about 40 lbs.

the lugger

Photo 3 - "The Lugger" with three bags of Quickrete (240 lbs). The bags can be variously positioned to place almost all of the weight on the wheel. Five bags can be loaded in such a position, but in that case the tire should have a carrying capacity of 500 lbs. Low center of gravity and proximate location of load to wheel axis makes this manageable.

Photo 4 - Rear view showing the 135-degree tilt of the deck to the ground, and a 200 lb. rock located adjacent to the lugger.

the lugger

Photo 5 - This view shows the operator loading a 200-lb. rock by rolling it onto the deck while turing the deck upright. This rock would be virtually impossible to lift without the assistance of this device.

Photo 6 - The operator is lifting about 40 lbs. and is in a position to easily transport the 200 lb. rock.

Photo 7 - This is a view of about 150 lbs of smaller rocks piled around the wheel of "The Lugger". The rocks can be positioned so that almost all of the weight is transferred to the wheel. A larger, heavier load would place a little weight on the handlebar lift. Very little vertical rise is required to load the rocks on this low bed. There is no shifting of the load and no expenditure of energy to maintain balance.

Photo 8 - This is a view of a very light load of lumber, illustrating how lumber, pipes, rods, angle irons, etc., are loaded on "The Lugger". Twenty two-by-fours can be loaded on either side of this device, positioned so as to place 90% of the weight on the wheel. Four 6" x 6" deck pillars can be loaded, two on either side, and more easily moved than an individual could manually. Two 4" x 8" plywood or other panels can be loaded, one on either side. Box springs and firmly structured mattresses can be loaded and moved in the same manner. A bungee cord holds the panels against the vertical handlebar assembly bars for stability. Once again, positioning at a low center of gravity and closeness to the wheel axis makes for easy handling.

Inventor's Notes

"Re: Patent No. 7,077,404. "Device to Move Heavy Objects." "The Lugger." ("Person or instrument to relocate objects otherwise difficult to move.") This implement is designed to multiply the energy effectiveness of a single worker, or workers involved in a collaborative project.

In simple, this is a flatbed wheel barrow that combines two principles that are important in a variety of work: a low center of gravity, making for ease of control in its use, and maximum transfer of weight to the wheel, making for low expenditure of lift energy.

There are special features which enable its use for the transport of lengthy as well as short lumber, pipes, rods or other such cumbersome and awkward objects. The bed of the lugger measures 22'' x 36''. The bed and support structure (wheel and rear legs) are calibrated to allow inclining the bed either way at an angle of 135 degrees, which tilt allows loading of heavy rocks or other such items ready for transport. The deck's surface runs 12'' along each side of a 16'' (tire diameter) wheel, making it possible, for instance, to load five cement bags in such a manner that virtually all the weight (that's 400 lbs.) is borne by the wheel.

This tool enables the transport of barrels, blocks, boxes, bags of sand, cement, concrete mix, and especially rocks, as well as all sorts of lumber and other such items as mentioned above. In most instances, items can be loaded so 90% or more of the weight of such items is borne by the wheel. Heavy items are easy to move and control because of the low center of gravity, and leverage on the weight from the handlebars.

I believe that the lugger will be useful on construction sites of homes, garages and other such buildings. It will also be a useful tool for homeowners working in their yards with lawn, trees, shrubs, flowers, gardens and rocks. Nurseries will appreciate using this implement especially on ground that is not as smooth as a concrete or asphalt surface, although it will also be a natural on those surfaces. Salvage yard workers will appreciate the maneuverability and carrying capacity of the lugger, as well as its user-friendly characteristics. Although lumber yards use powered equipment for much of their work, the lugger will be a useful tool to use in many instances to move lumber, including plywood, roofing and other panels. I also believe that this tool will have military applications, especially in mountainous areas in narrow ways with precipitous grades.

A really valuable feature of the lugger is that it is simple in design and should be inexpensive to mass produce, and therefore affordable on the retail market.

Patent Objectives

It is an objective of the present invention to provide a new Device To Move Heavy Items...

• That is easier to use over rough terrain than a conventional wheelbarrow.

• That can more easily carry lengthy and awkward material than a conventional wheelbarrow.

• That can be tilted and easier to load than a conventional wheelbarrow.

• That is situated forward of the body of the wheelbarrow to produce a more maneuverable device.

• That provides improved elements and arrangements thereof in an apparatus for the purposes described which is inexpensive, dependable and fully effective in accomplishing its intended purposes.

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