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Sports Training Device

Sports Training Device

Benjamin J. An

U.S. Patent:
# 7,070,520

Patent Summary

The field of the new Sports Training Device pertains to sports such as golf, tennis, baseball and other sports where a ball is struck with a club, racket, bat, paddle or similar device. Participation in such sports requires considerable practice to attain a performance level that results in a sense of accomplishment and skill. Reasonable skill at any of these sports is required for personal enjoyment of the sport. Playing most of these sports requires a large, specially prepared course or field, and practice fields limited to hitting the ball tend to be much larger than can be accomodated at a typical home.

Pitching machines for baseball and tennis have become common but are generally too expensive and require too much space for home use. Moreover, as with practice fields, the balls are not conveniently and automatically returned to the user.

Sports Training DeviceThe present invention aims to provide a new Sports Training Device containing a vertical standard with a suitable ball at the top. One embodiment will have the vertical standard stand straight up for practicing sports such as baseball or tennis and another embodiment will have a bent over standard with the ball close to the ground for practicing sports such as golf. The ball is attached to an arm, which is attached to a pivot and a spring both on the standard.

Striking the ball in the normal manner for the particular sport causes the ball to move away from the bat, racket or club until clear. The ball then returns under the influence of the spring and oscillates about the starting location of the ball. Depending on spring tension and damping effects of the arm, spring and standard, the ball will become stationary very quickly or continue to oscillate widely. For some sports such as golf, heavy damping is preferred. For other sports light damping may be preferred.

Inventor's Notes

"Sports are simple, human beings are intricate. This invention is the result of 25 years of study of the human system and the relation to sports performance. This inventor has in-depth understanding of the physical, mental, biomechanical and psychological factors in human sports performance.

Patent Objectives

It is an objective of the present invention to provide a new Sports Training Device...

• For use in practicing sports such as golf, tennis, baseball and other sports where a ball is struck with a club, racket, bat, paddle or similar device.

•That eliminates the need for large practice areas or expensive machinery required for the practice of certain sports.

•That will allow a user to obtain a comfortable skill level in a multitude of sports.

•That can be easily transported to a desired location.

•That is economical in cost to manufacture and operate.

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