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Window Ducting System

Grace Gurule

U.S. Patent:
# 6,964,606

Patent Summary

The present invention aims to provide a new Window Ducting System that is designed to allow a homeowner full use of an air conditioner that is situated in a window containing security bars. The invention is designed as a box-shaped assembly made of a sturdy, lightweight plastic. The front of the box is completely open to the inside room while the rear has an opening just large enough to accomodate the front face of the air conditioning unit.

The Window Ducting System helps maintain home security, eliminates the need to cut security bars to make room for an air conditioning unit, minimizes or stops leakage of air and other outside elements and installs quickly and easily.

Inventor's Notes

"The Window Ducting System or "Window Boot" is meant for homes, apartments, churches or businesses that have security bars on their windows and window fitted air conditioner units. I developed the "Window Boot" because I have been robbed twice and require window security bars for my protection.Window Ducting System I've used my invention in every possible way that I would think a person who buys it would expect to use it. I've slept with it in the window and felt perfectly safe and comfortable. I am comforted knowing I can go to work with the device in place helping to cool my home while my security is not being compromised."

Patent Objectives

It is an objective of the present invention to provide a new Window Ducting System...

• That enables a user to get full use of a room air conditioner or evaporative cooler in a window that has security bars installed.

• That maintains home security while helping provide comfortable temperatures inside a home.

• That minimizes or stops any leakage of conditioned air around the edges of an air conditioner while maintaining the integrity of the security bars.

• That prevents outside elements such as rain from entering the window.

• That is made from a durable, weather resistant material.

• That installs quickly and easily.

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