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"Tug of War" Exercise Device

Lift & Wheel Removal

Roderick D. Lampreda

U.S. Patent:
# 6,926,642

Patent Summary

The present invention aims to provide a new Exercise Device for strengthening of the arms and back. The device is positioned on the floor and may be easily transported or stored after use. The device includes a frame having a base wall and a forked member that is attached to and extends upward from an upper side of said base wall. A wheel is positioned between the arms and is rotatably coupled to the frame. An elastic band is positioned on and extending around a periphery of the wheel. Exercise is provided by pulling on the elastic band and rotating the wheel.

Inventor's Notes

Mr. Lampreda enjoys working out to stay healthy and fit. His interest in health and fitness prompted him into designing and producing a prototype of a product called the "Tug of War". To use this machine, a user would sit on the floor and pull a belt that would be wrapped around a wheel. As the user pulls, a roller would rub against the belt and wheel to provide resistance. This would tone and strengthen the muscles in the user's arms, shoulder and back. The user's cardiovascular and respiratory systems would also receive a good workout as he works out briskly for several minutes.

Patent Objectives

It is an objective of the present invention to provide a new Exercise Device...

• That is positioned on a floor and may be stored or transported after use.

• For strengthening of the arms and back.

• That may provide a cardiovascular and respiratory workout when used briskly for several minutes.

• That is simple and easy to use.

• That is economical in cost to manufacture.

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