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Vehicle Roach Trap

Lift & Wheel Removal

Joe K. Wong

U.S. Patent:
# 6,925,749

Patent Summary

The present invention aims to provide a new Vehicle Roach Trap that is an economical paper or plastic cup insect trap containing a bait. The trap is adapted for placement in vehicles and sized to fit in the vehicle's cup holders. In a first embodiment, the invention has a lipped, transparent, plastic concave cover formed by an inverted dome with a small flap at its bottom that will fall open by the insect's weight. A second embodiment differs by having a similar cover without the flap. The interior of the cup is either completely or partially coated with a sticky substance. Alternative covers that may be used with the second embodiment include a substantially planar cover with a plurality of concavities arranged around a center concavity, wherein small flaps cover openings at the bottom of the concavities, and the same planar cover without the flaps. In all embodiments a removable sticker secures the flap or opening for disposal of the trap.

Inventor's Notes

"The Vehicle Roach Trap is designed as an economical and ergonomic paper or plastic cup insect trap containing a bait and which can be placed in the vehicle's cup holder(s). It's a convenient way to trap roaches or other insects in vehicles, especially for families with children."

Patent Objectives

It is an objective of the present invention to provide a new Vehicle Roach Trap...

• For use in the cup holder of a vehicle.

• Comprising a paper or plastic cup having a cover with one or more concavities containing bottom openings.

• Having a cover having one or more concavities with bottom flap openings.

• Having a sticky substance coating the inside surface of the trap.

• With improved elements and arrangements thereof for the purposes described which is inexpensive, dependable and fully effective in accomplishing its intended purposes.

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