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Vehicle Solar Radiation Shield

Rodolfo Espinosa

U.S. Patent:
# 5,683,134

Patent Summary

The present invention aims to provide a new Vehicle Solar Radiation Shield that is adapted for installation in an automotive vehicle to prevent sun rays from unduly heating the vehicle interior when the vehicle is unoccupied or left in a parking lot for an extended period of time.

The present invention relates to a sun shield mechanism that includes a conventional sun visor having a rotary shade assembly thereon. The shade assembly comprises a spindle having a flexible sheet spirally wound thereon so as to be unrollable to a condition spanning the vehicle windshield. The shade assembly is relatively compact in the rolled-up position. The aim of the invention is to achieve a reasonably complete coverage of the windshield without interfering with normal operation of the sun visor.

Inventor's Notes

"While driving on the freeway for a long time, my wife and I were blinded and uncomfortably warmed by the suns rays. The idea came to us to develop a sun visor to better protect us from the suns rays and make car trips cooler and more comfortable. All we would need to do is just pull down the shade from the inside of the sun visor. I experienced the same uncomfortable situation with a friend of mine sailing on his boat. A prototype of my invention provided us with relief from the inside."

Patent Objectives& Key Features

It is an objective of the present invention to provide a new Vehicle Solar Radiation Shield...

• For quick and easy use.

• That blocks and stops solar radiation during times when a vehicle is left unattended.

• That attaches to the top of the windshield and is quickly positioned when needed.

• That has been successfully tested and proven.

• That will help keep the inside of a vehicle more comfortable, while preventing damage to the dash and interior.

• That can be easily and inexpensively mass produced.

• That can be made in sizes and styles to fit any type of vehicle including trucks, vans and boats.

• That can provide a source for advertising, as it can attractively display a company logo, brand name or other decoration.

• That opens up a highly profitable product line with unlimited national and international marketing opportunities.

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