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Inventing useful new products is hard. Getting your invention listed on this site is easy. Click Here to visit our ordering page and view our packages and fees. Patent Attorneys, Agents and IP Firms can click here for professional listing information.

What We Do:

Affordable, well designed website presentations of patents. A tool that can be used to get the world interested in your new idea.

Note To Inventors

Please beware of anyone who says they would be interested in your project or willing to invest in it IF you give them money for anything first (to open bank accounts, cover travel costs, etc.). We don't want anyone taken advantage of. Please be aware that by having your contact info available to the public, you run the risk of being contacted by less than honest business people.

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If you know of any useful links to add to our site, or have a success story you would like to share, let us know. Anything that we feel will benefit our clients will be added to our website.

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